Cleveland, OH
Apr. 25-26, 2017







Pittsburgh, PA

Opioid abuse is extremely pervasive in society today. To combat this, BehAIvior is developing wearable sensor technology that will use body condition indicators to help prevent relapses.


Palo Alto, CA

Despite being one of the most common cardiac examinations, EKG analysis and reporting are challenging for non-experts and time-consuming for experts. CardioLogs has developed pattern recognition software in order to quickly analyze and report the results of the test.


Toledo, OH

CareVoice is digitizing the advanced care directive process, allowing patients to quickly guide themselves through preparing their end-of-life preferences.

Dash MD

North York, ON Canada

Dash MD provides aftercare instructions at the patient’s fingertips, helping them find the care they need after leaving the hospital by accessing relevant community care resources, and managing medications, appointments and contacts.



Rocky River, OH

EternaLedger is designed not only to protect the patient’s private medical information stored in the electronic medical records, but also to facilitate a secure platform for connecting patients to their records across distributed software solutions and providers.



Pittsburgh, PA

EXAID is developing a HIPAA-compliant clinical trial matching application to quickly match oncology patients with trials and expedite the drug validation process.

Faros Healthcare

Nashville, TN

Faros Healthcare is focused on deploying artificial intelligence tools to recommend the optimal treatment for each patient at the right time, and at a lower cost.

HealthTech Solutions

Iowa City, IA

HealthTech Solutions is developing a mobile application called Organizer, which facilitates instantaneous communication and information flow for organ procurement organizations.

Health Wizz

Falls Church, VA

Health Wizz provides a user-friendly, gamified platform to empower individuals to take complete control of their health and healthcare data.

Hyr Medical

Cleveland, OH

To address the many problems of hospital staffing, Hyr Medical connects doctors and hospitals via a web-based platform—bypassing inefficient locum agencies.

iRx Reminder


Cleveland, OH

iRx Reminder is a product that can be used by organizations conducting research and clinical trials to capture digital, in-the-moment electronic data from patients and study participants, as well as remind them to take medication, conduct surveys and provide educational material - to achieve better control of the research study.


Cleveland, OH

LabAI brings the disruptive technology of artificial intelligence to the laboratory medicine space, with an algorithm that can accurately detect contaminated samples.


Melville, NY

MDOps is developing products to dramatically reduce the documentation time for clinicians dictating and filing clinical notes.


Pittsburgh, PA

Patients often have questions about their medical treatment. Sometimes they don’t know what to expect and are thus nervous, or misunderstand instructions given in the doctor’s office. MedRespond simulates a conversation online, providing answers to medical questions while also collecting vital patient information.

Mekhos Health

Pittsburgh, PA

The recruitment phase of a large clinical trial is a long process and can take up to 2 years to enroll patient. Mekhos is working to solve this problem via automated prescreening, site selection, and automated feasibility questionnaires.

NeuraMetrix, Inc.

Hillsborough, CA

Neurodegenerative diseases and disorders are some of the largest challenges to the global healthcare system. Using NeuraMetrix software, patients and their caregivers, physicians and researchers will have access to quantitative measurement tools via desktop and handheld dashboards or web portals.

NeuroLogix Technologies

Cleveland, OH

NeuroLogix provides concussion management software for institutions, healthcare providers, and parents who want to effectively diagnose and treat concussions and share patient data in comparison to using outdated and inefficient modes of diagnosis and record-sharing.


Cleveland, OH

NeuroRadVision is a computerized decision support software toolkit, employing novel and advanced artificial intelligence and image analysis algorithms to differentiate recurrent brain tumors from benign radiation-induced treatment effects.


Ewing, NJ

Ensuring the health of preterm infants is a serious challenge, and gut health is directly tied to growth, brain development, and every aspect of the child’s overall health. NICUtrition is a clinical decision support software platform that quantifies preterm infant gut health.


Cincinnati, OH

Using a combination of hardware and analytics, NopNeu is aiming to disrupt the way pneumonia is diagnosed.

nQ Medical, Inc


Cambridge, MA

NeuroQWERTY is developing an algorithm to detect the subtle psychomotor impairment typical of diseases like Parkinson’s, MLS, and ALS by analyzing the timing of keystrokes on laptops and mobile phones. 


Baltimore, MD

Proscia builds digital pathology software, providing data hosting, archiving, and management.

Public Insight

Hudson, OH

Public Insight optimizes public data to enable strategic analysis for decision makers and rapid data support for researchers. Public Insight syndicates billions of disparate data points from public data sources like U.S. Census, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Centers for Disease Control into a common Data Catalog.


Pittsburgh, PA

Rubitection’s product is a low cost, noninvasive handheld tool for early bedsore assessment. Utilizing optical technology, the Rubitect Assessment System includes a measurement probe with a sterile cover and data tracking software.



Fremont, CA

Using chatbots, artificial intelligence, and prescription data from retail pharmacies, Simplifimed automates routine activities done by clinical staff, allowing for 10X patient management. 

TPA Stream


Cleveland, OH

TPA Stream automates the claim substantiation process for employee pre-tax FSA, HSA, and HRAs. Their technology eliminates the need for the employee to submit a receipt for qualified expenses and makes the process more automated, accurate and cost effective

Xpress Connection


Santa Fe, NM

Xpress Connection is building a bias-free, EHR-integrated platform for providers to see all the drugs that are covered by the patient’s insurance along with drug interactions

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